Branding symposium for the Education Department of the Stockholm City Council

Bulldog’s blend of social science and business creativity was delivered at a symposium for members of the Education Department of the Stockholm City Council (Stockholm Stad). Our remit was to highlight the importance of understanding people in the context of culture, to initiate a dialogue about how to re-engineer practices to operate in a more competitive scenario and to catalyze innovative business creativity in the department.

The Swedish education system consists of day care centres, preschools, school childcare services, compulsory schools, upper secondary schools and adult education programmes. Instruction and teaching methods are regulated by the Government and Parliament at a national level, by municipalities and other authorities locally, and by the schools themselves at institutional level.

When the Education Department was founded, the idea that privately controlled institutions might offer contributions to the education system seemed contrary to the spirit of the era but in recent years this idea has gained wider currency. Today, they face competition from private alternatives in many of the areas they operate in.

Bulldog was hired to emphasize the importance of intelligent choice over efficient central control via this symposium with the department’s staff. You can hear a short audio clip from the event below.


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