Bulldog defines a foundational brand programme for Sparkbow

Unlike advertising, were the last message seen is often what is recalled, the meaning transmitted by a new brand’s first products, communications and actions will structure long-term perceptions. The importance of endowing a positive memory tag at first contact cannot be emphasised enough.

Business veterans, Chris and Aldo Calleja understood that creating an image to communicate with their customers by proxy no longer works in our web enabled, transparent society. Experience has taught them that consumers are more empowered than ever before to probe for their own truth about brands, rather than the one presented to them.

They hired Bulldog to help define relevant meaning for their startup ‘resource optimisation company‘, ┬áto minimise the possibility of contradiction between their image and culture.

This is important because people no longer consume products for purely functional satisfaction but also, to define and maintain their identity. Proof of this meaning-based consumption is all around us. Why else are consumers willing to pay more for skin care products that are not tested on animals, cars that are more environmentally sound and wines that attest to social standing?

However, it’s not just about how the outside world will see this new company. If there isn’t a clearly identified set of core values dictating behaviour, employees tend to feel aimless and lost.

With this in mind, we defined and recorded a Roadmap that will provide the following advantages as the brand develops:

Effective planning and management. The roadmap will allow Sparkbow to chart their progress towards clearly defined business objectives, rather than just concentrating on the task of the day.

Evaluation based on objectives. Review processes for products, communication and actions will all be grounded by the same objectives and criteria – rather than individuals’ subjective tastes and personal preferences.

Communications informed by better insight. All communications to be created by Sparkbow’s advertising/design/communications agencies will be able to leverage a compelling point of difference in the minds of their audience, their unique strengths and the vulnerability of their competitors.


To learn more about how to introduce long term effects as criteria for evaluating short term decisions, contact Bulldog at info(at)virtualbulldog.com

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