Work by Ren Spiteri featured at the Tapirulan International Exhibition of Contemporary Illustration

Last weekend I attended the Tapirulan International Exhibition of Contemporary Illustration in the beautiful town of Cremona (Italy). My illustration, ‘No Comment’, was one of 48 chosen to make up the exhibition from a field of over 700 entries. The event held on Saturday the 6th at Santa Maria della Pietà, also featured an exhibition by renowned Italian cartoonist Francesco Tullio Altan.
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Wanted! Senior Character Animator

Bulldog is currently working on a number of original, social game projects that acquire, engage, retain and monetize lottery players. At this point, we can’t disclose too much about this but you CAN have a sneak peak at some of the preliminary game concept art for one of the games. Can I get a ‘yayyyyyyyy’ up in here?

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It’s ‘Why?’ poster time again

These poster are our contribution to ‘Why 2011’, a  collaborative, conservation-themed, self-promotional calendar (you can also see last year’s here). Some may find them a little too poignant but they put our viewpoint across in a way that is not easily forgotten and will hopefully, move hearts and minds.

Rather than overload viewers with information, these posters use audience participation, metaphors and a brutally reduced palette of colours and shapes to create a potent criticism of local bird hunting.

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Commemorative launch materials for the opening of the Calleja stores

Bulldog designed this laser cut, stainless steel and wood, commemorative plaque for Calleja after they expressed a wish to steer away from the stereotypical brass option, in favour of something a little more contemporary.

The plaque will be unveiled by Hon. Minister Tonio Fenech and Birkirkara Mayor – Michael Fenech Adami on the 4th of July, at the opening of the new Calleja showrooms.

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Personal work influenced by survivors of the Haiti disaster


This illustration was for a project I was invited to take part in, designed to raise funds for victims of the Haiti disaster. The concept of the project was to have participants create art carrying messages of hope to the people of Haiti. These would then be auctioned off to raise money in support of designated aid organisations.

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New environmental graphics for Calleja’s lighting store entrance

This illustration was taken from an animated sequence we recently created, announcing a brand transfer for Maltese electrical supplies firm – Calleja. We reworked it in vector format to allow enlargement without any loss of quality. The 3 by 5 metre panel is backlit using 40, T16 fluorescent lamps and sits opposite way-finding signage that directs traffic to Calleja’s 2nd floor, lighting showroom.

Vector Illustration

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Chic, jam packaging for Bakke

Two generations of the Bakke family have harvested and canned seasonal fruit in the Trondheim area of Norway. Their delicious jams are made in open pans using fruits native to the area such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

For years, the jams were stored in glass, Kilner-style jars, adorned with hand printed labels and sold at farm produce markets in districts surrounding Trondheim. However, demand for Bakke jams reached a scale that necessitated more sophisticated production, marketing and distribution methods and today, these jams compete with hardier (but less authentic and tasty), mass produced jams on the shelves of Trøndelag supermarkets.

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