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Bulldog helps Calleja create maximum impact with minimal means

At a time when economic forecasts in Malta were extremely bleak, we recommended that Calleja make a conscious decision to maintain investment in their brand. Of course, re-igniting consumer desire for Calleja represented a sizeable investment but it was excercised prudently and with strong justification and like our client, we shared the responsibility to work smarter in tough times.

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Calleja outdoor campaign featured on Netdiver

For the last 10 or so years, my routine as soon as I arrive at the office, begins with a large mug of coffee and a scan through the latest news on Netdiver.

Netdiver is a fantastic design and digital culture magazine devoted to empowering and stimulating creativity from all over the world. After all these years, I still get a kick out of seeing our stuff featured there.

Bulldog creates an outdoor campaign for the Calleja lighting store

It is common knowledge that the right lighting can make small spaces seem larger. These poster executions reinforce this fact via a trompe l’oeil effect that creates false depth between the glass of the billboard and the poster. This is used to demonstrate one of the product benefits and serves as a backdrop for displaying the lights.

Calleja bus shelter advertising

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