Work by Ren Spiteri featured at the Tapirulan International Exhibition of Contemporary Illustration

Last weekend I attended the Tapirulan International Exhibition of Contemporary Illustration in the beautiful town of Cremona (Italy). My illustration, ‘No Comment’, was one of 48 chosen to make up the exhibition from a field of over 700 entries. The event held on Saturday the 6th at Santa Maria della Piet√†, also featured an exhibition by renowned Italian cartoonist Francesco Tullio Altan.
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Blogosphere, we have lift off!

Just as we had jettisoned all hope of ever finding the time to launch our own blog, we finally have. This space will eventually serve as a shopwindow for the latest Bulldog projects and probably, depending on your point of view, will elicit one of the following reactions from you:

Cautious Questions – you are acutely aware that the pile of pixels in front of you could be 24 carat gold or grade A poo – you’re just not sure which.

Unbridled Kudos – you identify with the core truth in our idea so much, that you comment on it with ferver and turn up on our doorstep dangling a large bag of money.

Damning Criticisms – with medical precision, you will wield our comments form to expose flaws in our work, so sentencing our egos to an unceremonious funeral.

Questions, kudos or criticisms, we’d love to hear from you.