New workplace architecture and interior scheme for Bulldog

For the last few years we’ve spent a large proportion of time working out of airports, hotel lobbies and rented accommodation. This nomadic way of working meant we had little purpose for a nested office space, contained by time, place and space. However, with so much of our time spent working, it forced us to face up to a necessity to find a better balance between work and the rest of life. Last year, we took the bold decision to invest in an environment that would dissolve the distinction between space and function, and not only provide us with a new place to work but serve as a catalyst for a whole new way to work!

Before we became ‘Road Warriors’, we worked from a window ledge at 42A, Main Street, Lija in Malta. Our limited budget was the main factor in our decision to use this site for the project – primarily, because we already owned the building. However, it would require extensive design intervention to make it fit our requirements. We set ourselves a brief to create an environment that would; give precedence to social space, act as a corporate memory tag, provide creative inspiration and last but not least, be dog-friendly (our in-house team includes a 10 year old Beagle and a 3 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier).

This project makes the best of a limited amount of real estate. It uses a simple and consistent palette of marble, wood, glass and metal to create a space that blurs the boundaries between work and leisure. All the rooms are a connected part of the workspace – meaning one can choose to perform tasks from areas previously confined to workstations. Even the outdoor spaces can be effectively adopted as part of the office. This helps to make work feel less like… well, work. When we are not working, the office has the potential to turn into something else entirely – gallery, lounge, cafe, guesthouse, library, home, park etc.

The art on the walls is the only thing that remains from the original space. As a twenty something creative whipper-snapper, I spent a couple of years emulating my favourite illustrators at that time (1991). People like Douglas Fraser, Gary Kelly, Brad Holland and Gary Baseman. I was unsure what to do with around 50 of these large canvases. In the end, I gave most of them away to friends but kept these Douglas Fraser inspired pieces.

I feel like the new office tells a story about who we are and can be seen as a form of communication, like a spectacle that both inhabitants and visitors can experience over time. Hopefully, it will help us attract like minded people looking for the work/life balance that their talent deserves, rather than the boring, tethered, inflexible, traditional office of old.

Would you work in this space? Love it or hate it – we’d love to hear what you think.


Bulldog designs workplace architecture and interior schemes from a spatial, organisational and material characteristics perspective. For more information contact Ren Spiteri on (+356) 2141 6173



Chris 22nd, March 2014

WOW! :0

Well done. I’m speechless.

Miguel 22nd, March 2014

Love it! Glad to see yr vision come to reality

Matt Willis-Jones 22nd, March 2014

Awesome! Love the outside evening shot!

Aldo Polidano 22nd, March 2014

Wow! Well done Ren

Stephen calleja 22nd, March 2014

Well done I like the lights :)

Matt Mallia 22nd, March 2014

Amazing work. I just can’t get over what you have done with the place. Love the roof top garden!

Meha 23rd, March 2014

PERFECT! In this soothing environment anyone would love to work and contribute it to their best.

Indeed you are a perfectionist. All the very best and do well in all your desired endeavors.

Jon 23rd, March 2014

Its amazing Ren..all the best…wish one day I could step on those shiny floors…well done..

Nancy 23rd, March 2014

What a transformation! Amazing Ren!

rebecca 23rd, March 2014

this shows a lot of who you are! well done!

Erik DeBattista 23rd, March 2014

Amazing Ren.. I m sure that this place will enhance creativity but also quality of working life

Peter Lineton 23rd, March 2014

Having known Ren for over 30 years I honestly expect nothing else, total perfection from everything he does in life. Really pleased for you Ren and my vote goes to the Staffy pic 😉


Neville Cassar 24th, March 2014

I would love to work in that environment, actually if you have any vacancies, I am available :0))

Love it, well done.

Mark Cassar 24th, March 2014

Amazing work Ren as always! Impressive & well done!


Ren Spiteri 26th, March 2014

Big thanks to everyone for your comments and emails. Sorry for my late response but we were still moving into our new digs as I posted this. Although we have now moved all our stuff, I still have a lot of catching up to do. Hopefully, everything will be back to normal in a week or two.

Roderick Camenzuli 26th, March 2014

A Very big Well Done!!!!!
Keep up the good work. Ren.

Ren Spiteri 31st, March 2014

Big thanks to How Magazine for the feature on our new digs. What a nice surprise.

Joe Ellul 2nd, April 2014

My God It’s a fantastic place You’ve done a great job
I don’t blame you finally wanting to move there
Congrats to both

Emiliano Ceccato 15th, April 2014

Well done Ren, You have a beautiful space !!!

Ren Spiteri 16th, April 2014

Thanks to Office Snapshots for adding our space to their fantastic collection of offices from around the world.

Ren Spiteri 22nd, April 2014

Woohoo. We’re thrilled to be featured on Design Milk – one of our favourite sources of inspiration on the web.

Michael/Peg Schulte 22nd, April 2014

What a beautiful renovation! Both of us would have loved to work and live in this space. Job well done! As far as we are concerned right out of Architectural Digest. You both should be very pleased.

Paramount Office Interiors 28th, April 2014

Really stunning offices. I think it would make anyone more than happy to go to work every morning. As for the work and home balance, it looks like you’ve got it spot on. Good Luck!!

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