Bulldog work featured on the Communication Arts website

Our packaging and identity work for Eco lightbulb brand – Foxglo is profiled in the ‘Exhibit’ section of the Communication Arts web site.

Foxglo packaging

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You can see the exhibited work here or for larger images and additional Foxglo work, visit our previous post about this project.


Nenad Dosen 3rd, June 2010

Hi Ren, what can I say but CONGRATULATIONS!!! Really great work, really deserved space at one of the most prestigious communications magazines… Every now and than I’m visiting your site and every time it’s so inspirational, after all those years… keep it up… cheers mate…

Ren Spiteri 3rd, June 2010

OMG Nenad? Sending you a mail right now!

Chris 4th, June 2010

I don’t like you anymore!
(I’m jealous!)
Well done mate!

Ren Spiteri 4th, June 2010

Haha thanks Chris.

Fabian 5th, June 2010

Love the logo mate…so jealous right now!

Ren Spiteri 5th, June 2010

Hey Fabian – thanks.

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