Bulldog packaging design work featured in the book – ‘Package’

‘Package’ published by Choi’s Gallery showcases cutting-edge creativity in global package design. It documents more than 250 beautifully illustrated, package design cases from all over the world.

Considering the wealth of talent featured in the book, we’re honoured to be included. The featured Bulldog packaging design works are – retail lightbulb brand Foxglo and self-promotional packaging developed to promote our 20th anniversary.

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Packaging designed by Bulldog featured in the book – ‘Magic Packaging’

Packaging designed by Bulldog has been featured in the book ‘Magic Packaging’ by Designerbooks. ‘This gathers more than 230 of the newest and best works from all over the whole world. You can see the most creative works of new and vigorous designers, as well as the delicate works of acclaimed designers. Works were selected from North America, South America, Europe, Scandinavia and Asia. There are various package design styles in this book, including vintage, modern, minimalism etc. All the packages introduce the products in the most attractive way’.

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Bulldog helps a Norwegian model kit store port to the web with authority

Hobbyshop is a model kit store that opened its doors in central Norway in 1958. Proprietor, Kåre Windsheimer translated his passion for building model minatures into a successful business that caters to the needs of both professional and hobbyist model makers.

After securing representation for some of the world’s leading model brands, Hobbyshop enjoyed years of unbroken sales and profit growth to become one of the foremost model shops in Norway. What’s more, they did it without any kind of third party, professional marketing help.

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It’s ‘Why?’ poster time again

These poster are our contribution to ‘Why 2011’, a  collaborative, conservation-themed, self-promotional calendar (you can also see last year’s here). Some may find them a little too poignant but they put our viewpoint across in a way that is not easily forgotten and will hopefully, move hearts and minds.

Rather than overload viewers with information, these posters use audience participation, metaphors and a brutally reduced palette of colours and shapes to create a potent criticism of local bird hunting.

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Bulldog defines a foundational brand programme for Sparkbow

Unlike advertising, were the last message seen is often what is recalled, the meaning transmitted by a new brand’s first products, communications and actions will structure long-term perceptions. The importance of endowing a positive memory tag at first contact cannot be emphasised enough.

Business veterans, Chris and Aldo Calleja understood that creating an image to communicate with their customers by proxy no longer works in our web enabled, transparent society. Experience has taught them that consumers are more empowered than ever before to probe for their own truth about brands, rather than the one presented to them.

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Bulldog helps Calleja create maximum impact with minimal means

At a time when economic forecasts in Malta were extremely bleak, we recommended that Calleja make a conscious decision to maintain investment in their brand. Of course, re-igniting consumer desire for Calleja represented a sizeable investment but it was excercised prudently and with strong justification and like our client, we shared the responsibility to work smarter in tough times.

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Calleja outdoor campaign featured on Netdiver

For the last 10 or so years, my routine as soon as I arrive at the office, begins with a large mug of coffee and a scan through the latest news on Netdiver.

Netdiver is a fantastic design and digital culture magazine devoted to empowering and stimulating creativity from all over the world. After all these years, I still get a kick out of seeing our stuff featured there.