MVB business stationery

Financial consultant – Marc Vella Bonanno asked Bulldog to craft a graphic symbol and business stationery that is authoritative and reassuring, with a wide appeal. The symbol is a monogram formed by Marc’s initials and is supported by a spirograph pattern that echoes the kind of graphics associated with bank notes. A restrained design, foil blocking and premium paper stock all add to the elegance and refinement of this stationery.

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New logos

I was thinking that it’s been a while since I’ve posted some logos. Here are 3 new ones that we recently completed.

The first is a monogram for financial consultant, Mark Vella Bonanno. It is formed from his initials – MVB.

Gestalt Psychotherapist – Linda Åklundh approached us to create a new identity that would communicate the benefits of her new ‘business coaching’ venture. Our solution was to develop a composition of stick figures – working in harmony towards a shared goal. At the same time, the new symbol suggests the Swedish letter Å.

Of the 3, my personal favourite is a proposed symbol for the European Bully Kennel Club. It is created from 5 kennel symbols arranged in such a way that they also suggest a 5 pointed star. The identity needed to be versatile and legible, as it would also be used in conjunction with other graphic components – at various sizes.


Witty imagery for Bulldog’s 20th anniversary

Over the years, our company has been very comfortable with presenting a witty face to the world – from our choice of name to the imagery that people associate with Bulldog.

Bulldog 20th T-shirt packaging

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Bulldog develops a rebranding program for an iconic Maltese brand

For 85 years, Maltese electrical supplier – E. Calleja & Sons set the benchmark for the provision of electrical goods in Malta. However, declining market conditions and the sudden death of their Managing Director helped to convince the new management team that drastic action would be needed if the brand was to connect with a new generation of customers; the way it had in the past.

Bulldog’s remit was to help create a new brand positioning, architecture and communication messages that would allow E. Calleja & Sons to redefine themselves as a more contemporary, unified brand.

Brand roadmap document

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The war on Christmas

Anyone that knows me well will tell you that my loathing of all things Christmas is legendary. At this time, a downward spiral to the depths of depression is usually medicated with skiing trips, where I can take a break relatively unaffected by the whole thing.

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‘Why’ calendar features Bulldog – bird conservation poster images

‘Why’ is a calendar displaying posters that campaign for nature conservation. It presents the work of 6 different designers – each supplying 2 pieces on the cause of their choice. Because of our emotional involvement with the subject matter, we elected to highlight the plight of birds using obvious references and avoiding unpalatable imagery. Printed using waterless printing, the calendar will take pride of place on the walls at work for the next year.

"Why" Poster

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Old media is not dead – we’ve just done a print advertisement!

I jest, of course. I have some thoughts about all the hype surrounding social media as a marketing tool. Before you join the rush to shift all your marketing focus to emerging media, consider that discussions on sites like Twitter are rarely about brands and are more focused on social issues and emotional states. Also, the format prevents brands from relaying what they are about in any great detail, why consumers should care and provide little stimuli to build an on going relationship.

Transactium Press Ad

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