Helping Birdlife Malta stimulate social conscience about illegal hunting

Unfortunately, Malta has developed a shameful reputation around Europe for the illegal hunting of birds and each year hundreds of migrating birds are systematically slaughtered. The island is a vital stepping-stone for birds on their exhausting journey northwards, hence this is not just an issue for Malta – effectively, the conservation efforts of many European countries are being hampered.

birdlife teeshirt front

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Blogosphere, we have lift off!

Just as we had jettisoned all hope of ever finding the time to launch our own blog, we finally have. This space will eventually serve as a shopwindow for the latest Bulldog projects and probably, depending on your point of view, will elicit one of the following reactions from you:

Cautious Questions – you are acutely aware that the pile of pixels in front of you could be 24 carat gold or grade A poo – you’re just not sure which.

Unbridled Kudos – you identify with the core truth in our idea so much, that you comment on it with ferver and turn up on our doorstep dangling a large bag of money.

Damning Criticisms – with medical precision, you will wield our comments form to expose flaws in our work, so sentencing our egos to an unceremonious funeral.

Questions, kudos or criticisms, we’d love to hear from you.

A patriotic hair stylist gets a new identity

After 20 years in Malta, Cheri – an Irish hair stylist, retains strong feelings for her homeland. She asked Bulldog to create an identity that would suggest her place of birth as well as her trade. From a purely practical point of view, the identity needed to work across a whole host of ancillary applications such as towels, signage, salon interiors and stationery.

Our solution was to create an image immediately associated with hairdressing; that is also visual shorthand for Cheri’s nationality.

Cheri towels

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Foxglo puts a spotlight on energy saving with a graphic identity by Bulldog

Foxglo (pronounced Fox-glow) was launched to address European consumer adoption of basic green ideas and a shift from use of incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent lighting.

Bulldog’s remit was to help the brand provide assurance of energy saving benefits, empower consumers to make technical comparisons with traditional incandescent bulbs and to promote correct waste handling for all Foxglo products.

Foxglo print advert

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A new brand for Norwegian, mobile content provider – Europlay

Europlay wished to build on the experience and technological foundation of their unique lottery concept – “SMS Jackpot”. This lottery and its inherent architecture were licensed by the Lottery Authority in Norway to operate as a test project for a limited period of 3 years, from June 1st 2002 until June 31st 2005.

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A portfolio web site for Australian art director – Yvette Mahon

When Australian art director – Yvette Mahon, asked Bulldog to develop a small Flash portfolio site that would help her solicit the attention of design organisations, we were only too happy to rise to the challenge. The next few days were spent with Yvette, doodling ideas on scraps of paper that would identify what makes her work different from many other art directors pitching their skills to potential employers.

Yvette Mahon home page

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A packaging solution helps Eyespy move leftover stock

All retail shops are familiar with the problem of leftover stock – especially after big holidays like Xmas. The usual approach would be to sell the merchandise at drastically reduced rates in seasonal sales.

When giftware chain – Eyespy asked Bulldog to help with this problem, we suggested using an alternative approach. By combining different items into loosely related groups, housing them in this custom made package and selling them as stand alone sets, our client not only drastically reduced his excess stock but also turned a healthy profit.


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