Logo design love

We’ve always been fascinated by logo design. When reviewing the portfolios of creative applicants hopeful of working with our company, we tend to drift towards the logos section first. I think this is because in this discipline, it’s difficult for creatives to mask a lack of ideas with slick printing processes and expensive paper stocks. Designing good logos is pretty difficult and in a world suffering from information overload, arresting viewers’ attention momentarily and leaving them with a lasting impression requires designers to be: daring, distinctive and to master the ability to make less say more.

Herb Lubalin's Mother & Child logo

If you’ve spent the day reviewing portfolios, it’s not impossible that you could be seduced by miracles of presentation and glossy style. Not so with logos – these only really work when execution and content are inseparably fused – making the execution part of the content. It’s rare but you’ll know when you see it.

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Swedish Psychotherapist – Linda Åklundh reveals a new identity

Traditionally, identities in this field tend to be very restrained and sometimes downright pretentious. Gestalt Psychotherapist – Linda Åklundh expressed a determination to avoid the clichéd approach adopted by many in her field.

Bulldog immediately realised that the solution to Linda’s problem would lie in our ability to reduce a seemingly complex message down to a memorable, engaging idea. Once we decided that what Linda does is: ‘sort out puzzles in people’s heads’, this logo just sort of drew itself.

Linda says that she just can’t stop handing out her new business cards, “The change in peoples’ faces as they figure out the meaning for themselves is priceless.” We couldn’t agree more – in our opinion, the best communications leave room for audience participation.

Åklundh business card

Introducing digital hearing aid manufacturer – Widex, to Maltese consumers.

Despite Widex’s standing as the world’s foremost digital hearing aid manufacturer, in Malta, recognition for this brand was relatively low. These ads were designed to communicate Widex’s concern for the hard of hearing and their ongoing obsession to develop technology that will eventually make hearing difficulties a thing of the past.

Widex ad 'Birds'

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Chic, jam packaging for Bakke

Two generations of the Bakke family have harvested and canned seasonal fruit in the Trondheim area of Norway. Their delicious jams are made in open pans using fruits native to the area such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

For years, the jams were stored in glass, Kilner-style jars, adorned with hand printed labels and sold at farm produce markets in districts surrounding Trondheim. However, demand for Bakke jams reached a scale that necessitated more sophisticated production, marketing and distribution methods and today, these jams compete with hardier (but less authentic and tasty), mass produced jams on the shelves of Trøndelag supermarkets.

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Business to business collateral for UK corporate healthcare plan – Paycare

This brochure highlights the impact staff ill health can have on business productivity and offers Paycare’s Corporate Health Plan as a solution. It explores some everyday protection items that we often take for granted and shows how, like them, employers can protect their people and business from the financial burden of staff ill health.

A restrained design, featuring a two colour palette, elegant paper stocks, and black and white photography serve as a backdrop for a beautifully written document that will not strain eyes or patience but promotes quick comprehension.

Paycare collateral

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Paycare magazine advertisements aimed at the grey market

2004 magazine advertisements pushing the benefits of Paycare Gold – a healthcare cashback scheme specifically for the over 50’s. We used bold, childlike illustrations and oversized type to get the message across in a clear, simple and succinct fashion.

Paycare Gold Ad

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Brand identity for Venezuelan, boutique wine brand – Zuñiga

Zuñiga is the dream of Eduardo Molina – a 43 year old ex-bank manager with a passion for wine making, who inherited a small winery on the highlands of Barquisimeto in Venezuela. Eduardo asked Bulldog to help him conceptualize the brand around his unique vision and to develop presentation materials that would excite, inspire and ultimately, move investors to become stakeholders in his venture. We delivered a solution that included a situation analysis and strategic brief for Zuñiga. This served as inspiration for the development of visual recognition elements, including packaging for selected wines Zuñiga will go to market with.

Zuñiga limited edition bottle

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