Boho product catalogue – communicating quality, elegance and exclusivity

Boho is jewellery that one can customise into a seemingly endless number of combinations, using a variety of natural components such as beads, shells and stones. In this case, we felt that it was not what needed to be said but what needed to be said visually, that mattered most. Minimalist style, clean imagery and an engaved cover make the brochure irreverent without being outrageous, current without appearing trendy – the epitome of self-confident style.

Boho collateral

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Newspaper advertising campaign encouraging the gift potential of Siku replica toys

This is part of a 1999 Christmas campaign that ran in the British tabloids. We used humour to encourage consumers to see Siku replica toys as potential Christmas gifts.

Siku ad 'Bumpers'

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Self promotional collateral for Bulldog

This brochure and corrugated card case is the physical version of our blog. It is spiral bound meaning we can customise it according to the type of work clients are interested in and is printed on a metallic paper stock – using foil inks. We usually add new pages to it every few months.

Bulldog collateral

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Satirical, fashion advertising aimed at the Maltese teen market

In 2002, Maltese fashion outlet РDabang asked us to design advertising for their summer collection of clothes aimed at the ultra competitive teen market. At the time, we noticed that teenage kids were becoming increasingly cynical of advertising Рso we opted for a satirical solution that would poke fun at the advertising industry, while showing off the summer collection.

Dabang ad 'Bitch'

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Direct mail postcards for UK Healthcare Cashback Plan – Paycare

Bulldog designed this set of direct mail postcards in 2001, in order to take advantage of a targeted mailing list of people that enquired about healthcare insurance but did not follow up on it. They were printed in bright colours on uncoated stock and used clever die cutting to further dramatize key messages. Details about the benefits of Paycare’s Cashback Plan were printed on the back of the postcards.

Paycare direct mail postcards