We’re living in an age where brands and their customers have never been in such close proximity. Sweeping change in the media landscape has brought down the walls between a company’s actions and their branding, transforming the traditional role marketeers play in the development of brands.

Today, a single negative user comment can influence a potential customer more effectively than any expensive corporate communications. Brands need to understand that in a world where customers play a role in controlling the message, driving desire requires an authentic story that enables customers to be the storytellers.

The idea is to keep an open dialogue with audiences, with a view to translating customer voice into a brand culture that can be manifested as a set of actions based on a common view of the world. The most compelling stories enhance ‘buying’ by enabling customers to play different roles that express meaning which is important to them. In this way, the same person may become a ‘rebel’ biker (Harley Davidson) on the way to work and a caring father to his child (Pampers) once he gets home. Collectively, people assemble these roles to create a concept of themselves through consumption.

Of course, once a company has articulated their brand story, this must be translated into powerful experiences that bring the story to life by engaging customers in delightful, brand-unique interactions.

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