Our Process always starts with a series of investigations where we involve as many of your team as possible. This allows us to get an internal perspective of your brand as it exists today. It also has a remarkable means of getting any issues and internal conflicts out into the open.

Culture – Once this is done, our investigations focus outside the company to chart the essential beliefs of customers, suppliers and even dissenters of your brand. The idea is to provide a ‘reality check’ that will ensure that the perceptions of the brand owners are aligned with those of customers. The primary questions to answer are: ‘who are the customers and what are their beliefs?’

To figure this out, we will break the audience down into various categories and estimate the size of the potential audience for the product or service”. Now we need to get a clear understanding of the attitudes these groups of people hold towards the various competing brands.

We will study the attributes of each brand and provide essential information for the branding team about the current customer, the potential customer and competitors. More importantly, this information will be used to craft a brand story that is aligned with the belief system of the audience.

This exercise is designed to help brand owners look at their brand objectively – that is, through the eyes of the customer. It will not be effective if the brand story is based on insight gained without the correct investigations or if we simply provide what clients wants to hear (this is something that we would never do). Participants will require training in order to establish a common knowledge, language and values for the planning, creation and management of the branding process.


Story – Bulldog creates a brand narrative which allows customers to purchase your brand, while playing a role to express meaning which is important to them. We define and record these emotionally intense identity components in a comprehensive document we call a Brand Roadmap. Designed to be perpetually updated, this will provide a reference not only for the project at hand but also for any future projects.

By outlining desirable employee behaviour, providing a manifesto for employees to reference and sharing insight behind the brand story, a Bulldog Brand Roadmap will unite your workforce behind a common purpose and vision.

The important role that employees play in creating and reinventing brands is often marginalised but it is essential to remember that the internal structure of the company and its employees are a vital part of brand strategy development.

The Brand Roadmap also helps to guide and inspire advertising agencies, writers, designers etc by informing the creative process and grounding evaluation in objectives, rather than at the mercy of individuals’ subjective tastes and preferences.

Experiences – at this point, we can create unique brand experiences and communications. Because they are informed by emotionally relevant intelligence, they will be the most effective kind – the kind that create preference and provide the highest rate of return.

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