The Bulldog 2010 compendium

In spite of gloomy economic forecasts at the beginning of 2010, we trusted in our ability to manage our clients’ brands through the industry downturn with resolve and acumen. This publication compiles the projects through which we have lived our values into a beautifully illustrated, 70 page brochure, complete with letterpress printed, cardboard mailing case.

It covers pretty much all the brand-related disciplines we work in, from customer insight studies to identity design, advertising to web sites, packaging to corporate communications, environments, interfaces, games etc.

We are deeply thankful to the people who continue to place their faith in Bulldog and look forward to producing next year’s edition.

Happy 2011 to you all!

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Business to business collateral for UK corporate healthcare plan – Paycare

This brochure highlights the impact staff ill health can have on business productivity and offers Paycare’s Corporate Health Plan as a solution. It explores some everyday protection items that we often take for granted and shows how, like them, employers can protect their people and business from the financial burden of staff ill health.

A restrained design, featuring a two colour palette, elegant paper stocks, and black and white photography serve as a backdrop for a beautifully written document that will not strain eyes or patience but promotes quick comprehension.

Paycare collateral

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Boho product catalogue – communicating quality, elegance and exclusivity

Boho is jewellery that one can customise into a seemingly endless number of combinations, using a variety of natural components such as beads, shells and stones. In this case, we felt that it was not what needed to be said but what needed to be said visually, that mattered most. Minimalist style, clean imagery and an engaved cover make the brochure irreverent without being outrageous, current without appearing trendy – the epitome of self-confident style.

Boho collateral

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Self promotional collateral for Bulldog

This brochure and corrugated card case is the physical version of our blog. It is spiral bound meaning we can customise it according to the type of work clients are interested in and is printed on a metallic paper stock – using foil inks. We usually add new pages to it every few months.

Bulldog collateral

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