A descriptive trademark for Maltese steel supplier – Il-Fajsu Co Ltd.

This new ‘F’ trademark for Il-Fajsu Co Ltd. takes its form from the assortment of steel shapes that the company supplies. The identity was commissioned as a result of evolution in Fajsu’s business and benefits from uniqueness, attention value, holding power and description. We hope the new mark will enjoy the longevity of the identity it replaces.

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Bulldog defines a foundational brand programme for Sparkbow

Unlike advertising, were the last message seen is often what is recalled, the meaning transmitted by a new brand’s first products, communications and actions will structure long-term perceptions. The importance of endowing a positive memory tag at first contact cannot be emphasised enough.

Business veterans, Chris and Aldo Calleja understood that creating an image to communicate with their customers by proxy no longer works in our web enabled, transparent society. Experience has taught them that consumers are more empowered than ever before to probe for their own truth about brands, rather than the one presented to them.

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MVB business stationery

Financial consultant – Marc Vella Bonanno asked Bulldog to craft a graphic symbol and business stationery that is authoritative and reassuring, with a wide appeal. The symbol is a monogram formed by Marc’s initials and is supported by a spirograph pattern that echoes the kind of graphics associated with bank notes. A restrained design, foil blocking and premium paper stock all add to the elegance and refinement of this stationery.

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A patriotic hair stylist gets a new identity

After 20 years in Malta, Cheri – an Irish hair stylist, retains strong feelings for her homeland. She asked Bulldog to create an identity that would suggest her place of birth as well as her trade. From a purely practical point of view, the identity needed to work across a whole host of ancillary applications such as towels, signage, salon interiors and stationery.

Our solution was to create an image immediately associated with hairdressing; that is also visual shorthand for Cheri’s nationality.

Cheri towels

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A new brand for Norwegian, mobile content provider – Europlay

Europlay wished to build on the experience and technological foundation of their unique lottery concept – “SMS Jackpot”. This lottery and its inherent architecture were licensed by the Lottery Authority in Norway to operate as a test project for a limited period of 3 years, from June 1st 2002 until June 31st 2005.

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Chic, jam packaging for Bakke

Two generations of the Bakke family have harvested and canned seasonal fruit in the Trondheim area of Norway. Their delicious jams are made in open pans using fruits native to the area such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

For years, the jams were stored in glass, Kilner-style jars, adorned with hand printed labels and sold at farm produce markets in districts surrounding Trondheim. However, demand for Bakke jams reached a scale that necessitated more sophisticated production, marketing and distribution methods and today, these jams compete with hardier (but less authentic and tasty), mass produced jams on the shelves of Trøndelag supermarkets.

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