Bulldog’s identity work for Birdlife Malta wins Gold at Hiiibrand 2010

Our pro bono, identity work for Birdlife Malta picked up the Gold Award at Hiiibrand 2010, from 4,136 world-wide entries. The judging panel for this contest included some of the world’s most respected practitioners of corporate identity and branding – including: Wally Olins of Saffron Brand Consultants, Joe Duffy of Duffy & Partners, Boris Ljubicic of Studio International, Min Wang (The Dean of CAFA Design School in China), Tommy Li of Tommy Li Design Workshop, Bart Crosby of Crosby Associates and last but not least Cristian Kit Paul of Brandient.

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The new Labour Party logo

A number of you have solicited my opinion about the new Malta Labour Party logo. The symbol seems to have generated quite a bit of interest judging by the number of comments on the Times of Malta web site. In this post, I will examine this topic and address the appropriate issues.

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MVB business stationery

Financial consultant – Marc Vella Bonanno asked Bulldog to craft a graphic symbol and business stationery that is authoritative and reassuring, with a wide appeal. The symbol is a monogram formed by Marc’s initials and is supported by a spirograph pattern that echoes the kind of graphics associated with bank notes. A restrained design, foil blocking and premium paper stock all add to the elegance and refinement of this stationery.

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New logos

I was thinking that it’s been a while since I’ve posted some logos. Here are 3 new ones that we recently completed.

The first is a monogram for financial consultant, Mark Vella Bonanno. It is formed from his initials – MVB.

Gestalt Psychotherapist – Linda Åklundh approached us to create a new identity that would communicate the benefits of her new ‘business coaching’ venture. Our solution was to develop a composition of stick figures – working in harmony towards a shared goal. At the same time, the new symbol suggests the Swedish letter Å.

Of the 3, my personal favourite is a proposed symbol for the European Bully Kennel Club. It is created from 5 kennel symbols arranged in such a way that they also suggest a 5 pointed star. The identity needed to be versatile and legible, as it would also be used in conjunction with other graphic components – at various sizes.


Helping Birdlife Malta stimulate social conscience about illegal hunting

Unfortunately, Malta has developed a shameful reputation around Europe for the illegal hunting of birds and each year hundreds of migrating birds are systematically slaughtered. The island is a vital stepping-stone for birds on their exhausting journey northwards, hence this is not just an issue for Malta – effectively, the conservation efforts of many European countries are being hampered.

birdlife teeshirt front

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Logo design love

We’ve always been fascinated by logo design. When reviewing the portfolios of creative applicants hopeful of working with our company, we tend to drift towards the logos section first. I think this is because in this discipline, it’s difficult for creatives to mask a lack of ideas with slick printing processes and expensive paper stocks. Designing good logos is pretty difficult and in a world suffering from information overload, arresting viewers’ attention momentarily and leaving them with a lasting impression requires designers to be: daring, distinctive and to master the ability to make less say more.

Herb Lubalin's Mother & Child logo

If you’ve spent the day reviewing portfolios, it’s not impossible that you could be seduced by miracles of presentation and glossy style. Not so with logos – these only really work when execution and content are inseparably fused – making the execution part of the content. It’s rare but you’ll know when you see it.

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Swedish Psychotherapist – Linda Åklundh reveals a new identity

Traditionally, identities in this field tend to be very restrained and sometimes downright pretentious. Gestalt Psychotherapist – Linda Åklundh expressed a determination to avoid the clichéd approach adopted by many in her field.

Bulldog immediately realised that the solution to Linda’s problem would lie in our ability to reduce a seemingly complex message down to a memorable, engaging idea. Once we decided that what Linda does is: ‘sort out puzzles in people’s heads’, this logo just sort of drew itself.

Linda says that she just can’t stop handing out her new business cards, “The change in peoples’ faces as they figure out the meaning for themselves is priceless.” We couldn’t agree more – in our opinion, the best communications leave room for audience participation.

Åklundh business card