It’s ‘Why?’ poster time again

These poster are our contribution to ‘Why 2011’, a  collaborative, conservation-themed, self-promotional calendar (you can also see last year’s here). Some may find them a little too poignant but they put our viewpoint across in a way that is not easily forgotten and will hopefully, move hearts and minds.

Rather than overload viewers with information, these posters use audience participation, metaphors and a brutally reduced palette of colours and shapes to create a potent criticism of local bird hunting.

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Bulldog creates an outdoor campaign for the Calleja lighting store

It is common knowledge that the right lighting can make small spaces seem larger. These poster executions reinforce this fact via a trompe l’oeil effect that creates false depth between the glass of the billboard and the poster. This is used to demonstrate one of the product benefits and serves as a backdrop for displaying the lights.

Calleja bus shelter advertising

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Personal work influenced by survivors of the Haiti disaster


This illustration was for a project I was invited to take part in, designed to raise funds for victims of the Haiti disaster. The concept of the project was to have participants create art carrying messages of hope to the people of Haiti. These would then be auctioned off to raise money in support of designated aid organisations.

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New environmental graphics for Calleja’s lighting store entrance

This illustration was taken from an animated sequence we recently created, announcing a brand transfer for Maltese electrical supplies firm – Calleja. We reworked it in vector format to allow enlargement without any loss of quality. The 3 by 5 metre panel is backlit using 40, T16 fluorescent lamps and sits opposite way-finding signage that directs traffic to Calleja’s 2nd floor, lighting showroom.

Vector Illustration

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Witty imagery for Bulldog’s 20th anniversary

Over the years, our company has been very comfortable with presenting a witty face to the world – from our choice of name to the imagery that people associate with Bulldog.

Bulldog 20th T-shirt packaging

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‘Why’ calendar features Bulldog – bird conservation poster images

‘Why’ is a calendar displaying posters that campaign for nature conservation. It presents the work of 6 different designers – each supplying 2 pieces on the cause of their choice. Because of our emotional involvement with the subject matter, we elected to highlight the plight of birds using obvious references and avoiding unpalatable imagery. Printed using waterless printing, the calendar will take pride of place on the walls at work for the next year.

"Why" Poster

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