It’s ‘Why?’ poster time again

These poster are our contribution to ‘Why 2011’, a  collaborative, conservation-themed, self-promotional calendar (you can also see last year’s here). Some may find them a little too poignant but they put our viewpoint across in a way that is not easily forgotten and will hopefully, move hearts and minds.

Rather than overload viewers with information, these posters use audience participation, metaphors and a brutally reduced palette of colours and shapes to create a potent criticism of local bird hunting.

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Bulldog work featured in a new design publication

Our work for Yvette Mahon has been featured in ‘No Plastic Sleeves – The Complete Portfolio Guide for Photographers and Designers’. This book is a valuable resource for designers and photographers that are interested in the process of creating a portfolio. With hundreds of photos to guide you, the book covers a wide range of topics involved with developing effective marketing tools for selling creative work.

No Plastic Sleeves cover

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New logos

I was thinking that it’s been a while since I’ve posted some logos. Here are 3 new ones that we recently completed.

The first is a monogram for financial consultant, Mark Vella Bonanno. It is formed from his initials – MVB.

Gestalt Psychotherapist – Linda Åklundh approached us to create a new identity that would communicate the benefits of her new ‘business coaching’ venture. Our solution was to develop a composition of stick figures – working in harmony towards a shared goal. At the same time, the new symbol suggests the Swedish letter Å.

Of the 3, my personal favourite is a proposed symbol for the European Bully Kennel Club. It is created from 5 kennel symbols arranged in such a way that they also suggest a 5 pointed star. The identity needed to be versatile and legible, as it would also be used in conjunction with other graphic components – at various sizes.


A portfolio web site for Australian art director – Yvette Mahon

When Australian art director – Yvette Mahon, asked Bulldog to develop a small Flash portfolio site that would help her solicit the attention of design organisations, we were only too happy to rise to the challenge. The next few days were spent with Yvette, doodling ideas on scraps of paper that would identify what makes her work different from many other art directors pitching their skills to potential employers.

Yvette Mahon home page

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